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How to update Apps without using Play Store (APKUpdater)

How to update Apps without using Play Store: We can install lots of apps from the play store and it’s the easiest way to download and update apps. But for some reason, if you don’t want to updates apps from Play Store or you are not using play store at all then how you can update your apps?

There are many ways you can do that but the easiest way and the best way is ApkUpdater app Because it updates your Apps as the same version you gets from the play store updates.

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Why APKUpdater?

There is no problem if you are updating apps from the PlayStore but the problem arises when you need to update an application that has not been installed from the play store. Luckily, this problem has a solution because Android is opensource and there are many opensource apps are there.

Why APKUpdater?

In the XDA-Developers forums, an application called APKUpdater that will help you update the apk that you have downloaded in different portals to play store . Under this philosophy, this android application seeks to replace the application stores in order to avoid spyware and possible theft of data.

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APKUpdater highlights and benefits:

APKUpdater APK uses the following download portals:

How to update Apps without using Play Store

You can Download The APKUpdater App from the link given below If you want, you can also add to the Google Marketplace in the tool to manage the applications you have downloaded in that way.


When you use APKUpdater APK to download an application, it will redirect you to the portal you want. So you can Download App from There.

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