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How to Play Nintendo 3DS Games on Android in 2020

The world of emulators is very wide. For Android we have emulators for a large number of the old consoles like the GBA, each with its own pros and cons, depending on the complexity of the system they want to emulate. Now Citra emulator is joining this list, a free multi platform Nintendo 3DS emulator that we can download now for Android.

Citra is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux and now in Early Access for Android. The application is free so we can emulate the Nintendo 3DS games on Android for free. Obviously, the games are not included, we will have to download them from other sources in the ” .3ds ” format and take them to our phone to play. although it is not difficult to find games on the internet to play in Citra Emulator. Once we download the application and open it for the first time we have to fill in some details to get started and once done we are ready to play our favorite Nintendo games in Android device for free.

How the Nintendo 3DS emulator works on Android.

We have tested it and UI is very simple to understand. All we have to do is install the app and bring the game ROM that we want to play on our phone, in ” .3ds ” format . When the application opens for the first time it will ask us to configure the folder for game ROMS. After selecting it, we can see the Nintendo 3DS games downloaded in the application. If we click on one of them we will open it and floating controls will appear on the screen of our phone along with the upper and lower screens of the Nintendo 3DS emulated on our phone.

Citra Android Emulator Performance

Performance is the main concern when we use any emulator on any platform. Emulators usually require more resources than a usual platform-specific application. Although Citra is pretty good in terms of performance for normal games sometimes you can feel the glitch but the Application is in early access mode and will improve in the future.

Developer: Team yuzu | citra
Price: Free

What games are compatible.

As it is an emulator, not all the games we want to play will work equally well. On the website that you can find below you can find the most popular games and see how well they work with Citra. Games like Pokémon BlueDr. Mario, or Professor Layton, quite well-known games, seem to work perfectly fine. For those who don’t have a rating yet, finding out if they work or not will be as easy as trying it.

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