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How To Edit a PDF File ( Convert a pdf to word)

Pdf  Document is the most usable document and also a secure one because no one can edit it but sometimes we need to edit it because it’s really time-consuming if we type the whole document again. So  Converting a pdf to a .doc file is the best way to edit a document. Today in this tutorial  I am going to show you how you can convert a PDF File to Doc file and edit it.

PDf to document converter

How to Convert a pdf to a word document:

  • You need to Download a software called  ICECREAM  PDF CONVERTER.
  • After Downloading it Install it like other Softwares.
  • It’ll Create A desktop shortcut like this.
  • Now Open This Shortcut. 

  • To convert a Pdf to Doc choose the first option From PDF. (To pdf option is for convert a doc file to pdf)
  • On next screen click this + button and Browse your pdf file.

  • Choose the format in which you want to convert your file and click on convert button.

  • Now you have successfully converted your pdf to a word document open that file in MS office and edit it.

Note:  If you want your file in pdf format after editing you can convert it using same software just choose To PDF on the first screen.

If you need any help comment down your questions in comment box I’ll be happy to help you.

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