Google Go, the new search app: Recently we have heard about Android Oreo Go Edition and all the advantages it will have in low-end devices. In this article, we have mentioned slightly Google Go. one of the applications that will be preinstalled in the operating system. This app is a lite version of Google Search, the search App that we all have on our device. Now you can download the lite version called Google Go, the new search app and today here we have a little review of this new very light search engine designed to save space and data. If you have a low-end mobile, then surely this app is for you.

Although Google Search leaves us with thousands of options, nice animations, and very professional searches, there are users who do not need all that. Millions of users around the world need a very simple search engine, which is able to quickly find the necessary links and display them in the simplest way possible. This is what Google Go, the new search app of the Google do. 

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Google Go, the new search app is only 5 MB in size:

Google Go, the new search app
Google Go, the new search app

The functionality of Google Go is quite simple and similar to what we see in the main application. If it is perfect for low-end phones, it is because it eliminates many of the Google Search options, leaving only the essential to operate in the phone with a very reduced graphics power. In addition, this saves your device space and memory. the reason is its size it is only about 5 MB. The difference with Google Search is abysmal, so we are sure that soon you will start using this Google Go, the new search app.

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The search results are mainly focused on articles and Google go do not suggest you videos like the Main app does but it reduces the page load speed and page rendering in Google Go is amazingly fast.

Google Go, the new search app
Google Go, the new search app

Its interface is very simple and its widget loses functions such as writing directly when pressed, but all these are necessary things to be able to get it weigh 5 MB and be as fast as possible. On the main page, we have spheres with very interesting shortcuts, which will take us to Google Images, the translator or Maps. 

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Google Go, the new search app
Google Go, the new search app

In general, it is a fairly well-worked application, which although it does not leave us with hundreds of options or configurations. But allows us to search very quickly and without having to occupy large amounts of space on our mobile. It is not yet available on Google Play for many countries, But you can try your luck.


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