best wifi hacking apps for android: Do you want to know how to hack wifi in android? well, this question comes to every android users curious mind because everyone wants to use the free internet even they have their own data plan active :D. Anyway if you want to know about best wifi hacking apps for android then keep reading because in this article I am going to list some best free wifi hacking apps for android.

Best wifi hacking apps for android
Best wifi hacking apps for android

But before you use these apps keep in mind that never use these apps for any illegal activity they are just to test your wifi’s security. And it should be noted that this is not a foolproof method, but the combination of several tools to hack WiFi for Android Free can have a very good result. Disclaimer: using someone other’s WIFI without permission is illegal. Use these apps at your own risk.

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best wifi hacking apps for android (Where to use):

These Top Applications To Hack WiFi in Android 2018, is also focused on people who like to do WiFi audits. using these apps you can check your wifi security and how many users are using your wifi or if anyone is using your wifi without your permission.

Best wifi hacking apps for android (5 best wifi hacking Apps)

1. Router Keygen

Router Keygen has is one of the best applications to hack Wifi that I have tried, it works extraordinarily well on almost all wifi’s. It is a well-known application that has been evolving, but basically, it helps us to obtain Wi-Fi network passwords that have not changed their password since the first installation and running on factory password. When you start the app, it will tell you what networks it supports and which ones it does not after doing a scan around us. Download

Best wifi hacking apps for android
Best wifi hacking apps for android

2. AndroDumpper

The most popular application for cracking wifi keys using an android phone. AndroDumper is well known and With more than 10 million downloads with a rating of 4.3 out of 5 on Google PlayStore, AndroDumpper (WPS Connect) could easily the part of top 5 applications to hack Wi-Fi.

Best wifi hacking apps for android
hacking wifi in android

AndroDumpper will try to decrypt wifi WPS keys. It has two modes one that will allow us to hack Wifi with Root and another in which the root is not necessary. For which root is necessary we will need Android 4.4 or earlier while in Lollipop it is not necessary to have our rooted phone. All you have to do is select the network and then click on No personalized PIN.  Download

3. WPS WPA tester

Probably you already know about this app because it’s a popular one and this is the first app which I have heard that can be able to crack a wifi on Android. So I tried it and I was able to get access to my coaching class’s wifi. And that was like magic at that time.

free wifi hacking apps android
free wifi hacking apps android

Basically, this app allows us to connect to WPS enabled network which is somehow vulnerable to WPS security flaw. You can connect to a WPS enabled network easily using this app. You can also buy the premium version of this app if you want to get rid of ads and want some extra features.  Download

4. Wifi Kill – Disconnect Intruders

Calling it a WIfi hacking tool is not good because it’s a security tool. WIFI kill allows us to keep on eye on our WIFI network and if we found any unnecessary device on our network we can kick that device out. So it’s a great app to secure wifi. Download

free wifi hacking apps android
free wifi hacking apps android

5. WPS connect

This is the best wifi cracking app for rooted android phones because it can crack more complex security with the root access. It works with WPS network. Although all WPS enabled routers can’t be hackable but you can try it to hack wifi in Android. Download

free wifi hacking apps android
free wifi hacking apps android

Final words

These are the most popular and most used WIFI hacking tools or wifi hacking apps for Android. There are so many apps available that I can’t list here but I found these apps useful and working so I listed them. If you know any great app to hack wifi in android then please let us know in the comment section. Like our Facebook Page for updates & Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.



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