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Best Samsung apps for any Android Phone

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The beauty of Android Phones is that you can try millions of apps from PlayStore and Having a device from a particular manufacturer does not prevent you from enjoying some applications created by other manufacturers. Today we have made a selection of the best Samsung apps that you can use on any Android phone. They are developed by Samsung and some usually come pre-installed on Samsung devices. This does not prevent you from also being able to install and use them on Xiaomi, Huawei, or OnePlus mobilesWhy would you want to install the Samsung apps on your Xiaomi? Well, Samsung not only makes good mobiles, but it also has some very good applications. These are the ones we recommend you install:

Samsung Browser, a very simple and minimal browser

Yes, Samsung has its own browser that works very well. It has support for navigation in incognito mode, it has a very clean design and it is fast. It doesn’t have as many features as Chrome, for example, but this makes it easier to use and also lighter.

If Google Chrome is not the browser you like then you can try installing Samsung Browser on your device. You can do it from Google Play on any Android mobile, regardless of whether it is Samsung or not. It is not our favorite browser, but we highly recommend trying it, you can discover functions and a very interesting new style.

Samsung Health, a very careful application to take care of yourself

Samsung Health is another Samsung app that you can install on almost any Android device. It is designed to take care of yourself, know your daily activity, and tell you how healthy your diet is. No need to have a smartwatch, the app can also be configured to monitor your activity without extra accessories.

Its interface is very interesting, you can add the meals you make and all your parameters of weight, height, or physical condition. If you are looking for an activity monitoring application without the need for accessories, this can be very interesting for you.

Samsung PENUP, Draw and share anywhere

PENUP is an application that comes pre-installed on devices such as the Galaxy Note or some Samsung tablets. It is intended for drawing with the company’s touch pens, but can also be installed on other devices. If you install the application on a mobile other than Samsung you will have the same functions and services.

Penup Comes with some great features like

SmartThings, control your Samsung devices from the mobile

In every house, there are more and more smart devices that go beyond the mobile or television. Soundbars, speakers, lamps, or appliances also have extra features thanks to technology. With the Samsung SmartThings application, you can have better control over all these devices.

It is an application with a very clean design and that will allow you to create networks of devices to have everything controlled from your mobile. If you have smart devices like speakers or lights you should install SmartThings and give it a try.

Final Words on “Best Samsung apps”

There are millions of apps that you can download from the PlayStore and some of them are made by mobile manufacturers like Samsung and Xiaomi. The Best Samsung apps we have discussed above are some of the useful apps that we found from the Samsung If you have any other favorite app that is from a Mobile manufacturer but can be used in any Android device let us know in the comment section.

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