how to schedule a task in windows

How to schedule a task in windows (2018)

How to schedule a task in windows There are many reasons for that you want to schedule a task in windows. You may want to run a particular program every day on...

The best way to save Snapchat videos [Download snaps]

Snapchat is a very popular social app where people can chat and share small videos called snaps. Snapchat is quite popular because of its snap feature and it also provides good...

Download Pixel 3 camera APK for any Android

Google pixel is a flagship device which comes with awesome hardware and also with some amazing software-based features. Google Camera app is the best camera app available for Android right now. Best...

Make your own WhatsApp stickers free and easy

Make your own WhatsApp stickers: Recentrly WhatsApp has launched stickers features and it's loved by everyone. All devices did not get the features yet but we have a wide range of WhatsApp...

Jigsaw Puzzle: Plentiful Benefits for Your Brain

The human brain consists of two separate lobes or hemispheres called the left and right brain. Both sides deal with different functions. Left-brain works in a linear manner and right brain...

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